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VePmyjobs.com - Employment opportunities

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VēPmyjobs.com, managed by Human Enhanced Technology, LLC, is a website for employment opportunities which focuses on enriching the communication process between job seekers and employers by utilizing Video ēlevator Pitch or VēP [veep]. Traditional hiring websites rely on resume filing which should initiate an interview. A good resume is often accompanied by a cover letter. Today a successful job seeker may also need a VēP so that he or she may demonstrate passion and non-verbal information, critical for the job hiring process. In essence, the VēP is a 2-3-minutes video clip, staring the job candidate. The VēP is not designed to replace the resume, but to enrich the communication between the candidate and the company.

GetWeb partnered Human Enhanced Technologies, LLC in creating and refining this project. The website has been developed under HTML 5 and has a 100% custom CMS (Content Management System). The website has live video capture to that each user may create and store up to 3 VēPs. The profile may be shared via multiple vehicles (social media, e-mail, etc.)

VēPmyjobs.com also feature an affiliate program, where third parties may make money by simply attracting new users.

Last, but not least: everything on that website gravitates around video, so no one should be surprised that most of the pages have video instructions.